Excessive eating of carrots or rich effects

Excessive eating of carrots or rich effects

If you want to have children, if you don’t want menstrual abnormalities, don’t eat carrots all day long like a baby rabbit.

  Maybe you ask: “Is it so serious?


According to a study by Dr. Jinnan of the Johns Hopkins Medical College in the United States, excessive carotene affects lutein synthesis in the ovaries, reduces secretion, and some even cause amenorrhea, ovulation, and menstrual disorders.

  This type was originally found in patients with anorexia schizophrenia. Even if they did not eat and did not have menstruation, blood was drawn to find that carotene was too high in the blood.

Later, it was found in some female patients who are not anorexia nervosa that if they eat a lot of carrots, they will cause high levels of carotene in the blood, and there will be infertility, no menstruation, and no ovulation.

  Researchers explain that this may be caused by beta-carotene interference with steroid synthesis.

Some doctors once found that six women who had abnormal menstruation because they ate too much carrots had their ovaries yellow-orange-orange, called “golden ovaries.”

  If you look at Dr. Jin Nan’s research, if you are like a baby rabbit.

If you eat carrots with a double 咋 嚓 咋 嚓, if you think about it, you may cause golden Croatia, lutein secretion decreases, leading to no menstruation (menopause), abnormal menstruation, anovulation, infertility!