[How to make ketchup at home _ the practice of homemade ketchup _ how to make ketchup simple and delicious]

[How to make ketchup at home _ the practice of homemade ketchup _ how to make ketchup simple and delicious]

Tomato sauce must be made of tomatoes. Everyone knows that tomatoes are a very nutritious food, especially rich in B vitamins, and also replace fiber and various mineral elements. In life, there are manyPeople often have habitual constipation. This part of people can eat more tomatoes, which has the effect of preventing and treating constipation. Let ‘s teach everyone how to make ketchup.

How to make ketchup simple and delicious?

Ketchup is a sauce-like concentrated product of fresh tomatoes.

It has a bright red sauce and has the unique flavor of tomatoes. It is a distinctive condiment and is generally not directly imported.

Ketchup is made from ripe red tomatoes by crushing, beating, removing coarse and hard materials such as skin and seeds, then concentrating, canning, and sterilizing instead.

Ketchup often uses cooking condiments such as fish and meat to enhance color, add acid, help freshness, and flavor.

The use of tomato sauce is an important seasoning content that forms the flavor characteristics of Hong Kong and Cantonese cuisine.

Preparing utensils. Containers for tomato sauce, wide-mouth bottles (various jars, beverage bottles and the like), and bottle stoppers.

Wash the inside and outside of the bottle thoroughly (you can also add water to the sand and stir it back and forth in the bottle), then put it in a pot with water, and put the bottle in clean water (no cover))) Cook for 10 minutes, then take out the bottle with water and put it on the pan for later use.

The second step is to make ketchup pure tomato sauce. Wash the tomatoes (appropriate amount), steam them in a cage for a few minutes, then take them out. Remove the rough and rotten parts of the skin and pedicle, and put them in a pot by kneading with hands.

After a few minutes, wait for the tomatoes to cool and stir with a spoon to bott them.

Luscious tomato sauce ingredients: 2000 grams of tomatoes, 400 grams of caster sugar, 150 ml of white vinegar, 50 grams of table salt, 15 grams of spiced powder, appropriate amounts of minced onion and minced garlic, a small amount of pepper.

Practices: 1. Choose mature tomatoes without rot, pests and diseases, wash them, then steam them in a steamer, remove and peel them, crush them, and then filter the seeds with clean gauze to leave the pulp.

2. Add allspice powder to white vinegar. After soaking for 2 hours, add white sugar and salt to completely dissolve it. After mixing well, pour it into tomato pulp.

3. Then mix onion, minced garlic, pepper and tomato meat sauce and put into the pot and cook with warm heat, stir while cooking, boil to a thick paste, fill the clean and dry glass while hotThe bottle is capped and sealed.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Western-style tomato sauce ingredients: 2000 grams of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, diced onion, bay leaf, rum, water, sugar, salt, pepper a small amount.

Method: 1. Wash the fresh tomatoes, put them in a casserole, cook them, peel them, remove the seeds, and break them in a blender.

2. Add olive oil to the pan to heat, add minced garlic, stir-fry the onions until the onion becomes soft, then add the crushed tomato thick paste.

3. After stir-fry, add bay leaf, rum, water, sugar, salt, and pepper to taste.

4. Cook over medium heat until the soup thickens, then remove the bay leaf to serve as tomato sauce.

Step 3: When bottling ketchup, pour the water out of the bottle first. Fill the tomatoes in the bottle with a funnel while it is still hot, leave a little space on the mouth of the bottle, drip a little wine on top, and then stopper the rubber cap.

The tomato sauce made by the above method can generally maintain the flavor for more than one year, and it is the same as fresh tomatoes, but it can’t be stored after opening.

The fourth step is to store the ketchup. If the canned ketchup sauce is opened, if you ca n’t finish it once, it will easily deteriorate after you put it.

If you can open a can of ketchup, steam it before you eat it, and the leftover ketchup can stay on top without deterioration.

There is another good way to prevent the deterioration of ketchup, that is, put a layer of cling film in the opening of canned ketchup, and put it in the refrigerator to store it for a long time.

When eating, just scrape off the upper layer.