[Best time for baby to eat egg yolk]_Recommended diet

[Best time for baby to eat egg yolk]_Recommended diet

The nutritional value of egg yolk is very high. For young children, proper eating of egg yolk has a good role in promoting development. However, it should also be noted that egg yolk is not easy to digest. Therefore, if the baby has a weak stomach before the age of one, it is best not to eat it.So what is the best time for a baby to eat egg yolks?

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In general, if the child has a good digestive function, the baby can eat a small amount of egg yolk at about ten months. If the child is prone to indigestion, it is best to eat the egg yolk when the baby is about one year old.

If you do not eat egg yolk, you can give your baby a small amount of protein, which also has a good conditioning effect on your baby.

There are many benefits for babies to eat egg yolks, because the vitamins in the yolks are very rich, and they contain more protein and trace amounts. These nutrients can improve the baby’s immune level, and there are also rich vitamins a and vitamin d.Promote the development of the baby’s optic nerve and promote the baby’s eye health.

Properly eating some egg yolks can allow your baby to add some trace elements in time. The egg yolk contains a lot of phosphorus elements and a lot of iron elements. Some children are prone to picky eaters, and some do not like eating meat. At this timeEating some egg yolks properly can timely supplement the body’s nutrition.

The above briefly understands the time when the baby eats egg yolk. For a baby with a good stomach, you can eat a small amount of egg yolk in about ten months. If the digestion of the stomach is prone to poor, it is best to be one yearWhen you eat some egg yolks, this will prevent the gastrointestinal burden from increasing, and it will also have a good effect on the baby’s development.