The “health and pension” shared farm model continues to heat up, and how does rural planning work?


The 鈥渉ealth and pension鈥?shared farm model continues to heat up, and how does rural planning work?

The Central Document No. 1 proposes the full implementation of the 鈥淰illage Revitalization Strategy鈥?

Pastoral complexes, shared farms, rural tourism, and poverty alleviation projects have all been developed under the guidance of this strategy.

In particular, the sharing economy model is very hot, and the 鈥渟hared farm鈥?suddenly emerged. The nationwide heat is heating up. The 鈥渟hare farm + health care鈥?model will be a potential for future development and has broad prospects.

In order to explain the planning direction of the farm for health and pension, let’s first understand the basic concepts.

Pastoral health, health is the purpose, the rural farm is space.

Under the concept of 鈥渁griculture, rural areas and farmers鈥?in rural areas, agriculture and peasants, the content of 鈥渢hree rural鈥?health care and the 鈥渟ix winds鈥?health care and old-age resources were put forward.

The 鈥渢hree rural鈥?health care content is farming, farming, and farming.

Farming refers to agricultural production and rural economic activities, including crop cultivation, tree planting, animal husbandry and fishery fishing, farming, and processing of agricultural products, construction, circulation, and services; farming, which refers to rural production except agricultural production and rural areas.All other social affairs except economic activities, including political activities, village construction, rural civilization and religious beliefs; farm work refers to daily life in the countryside, including food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

鈥淪ix Winds鈥?health care and endowment resources, namely: rural scenery, village style, folk customs, traditional style, local style and rural flavor.

The purpose is to improve the quality of life of urban and rural people through the pastoral health care.

The farm’s health and retirement farms are based on the pastoral space, with farming, farming, and farming as the living content, taking agricultural production and rural economic development as their living goals, returning to nature, enjoying life, self-cultivation, vacation, and health.The body, the disease, and the way of life.

The farmland here refers to the general: including the entire rural area, that is, not only the land on which the agroforests live and develop, the pastoral, the water environment, but also the roads, towns, markets, villages in rural areas.The mines and the natural environment, of course, have been used for production, ready for production, and can be used for production, providing agricultural land that meets people’s nutritional needs, tasting needs and raw material requirements.

The source market of farm health care homes prefers a fashionable and healthy way of tourism, loves eco-tourism and high-end sports; values cultural consumption and spiritual enjoyment; pursues a relatively intimate environment and a social gathering place; has higher requirements for business travel servicesPeople with strong spending power and high quality requirements.

Such groups are less constrained by the seasons and supplemented by the time of stay, and their industrial pull is much higher than mass tourism.

Learn more about 1 student market student market needs for knowledge + play.

Primary and middle school students are in the primary stage of learning and cognition. Agricultural tourism is a way for them to understand agriculture and understand nature.

In response to this market, the farm should provide educational products related to science education and be entertaining.

2 White-collar market This type of market is mainly for people who have lived in cities for a long time and do not understand agriculture.

In the process of farm tourism, we can provide agricultural products, farming experiences, and participation in tourism products, so that tourists can understand agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

3 The silver hair market type market population is the elderly, they are eager for quiet life, healthy and simple food, leisure environment, through leisure health agriculture tourism, they can experience farming and harvest happiness.

In addition, you can share the farm and establish a pension estate that meets the pension and spiritual needs of the elderly.

This “shared farm + group pension” model has already been realized in the United States and Germany. Americans hold group-style pensions, while Germans pursue “cohabitation-style” pensions. Their old age is happy and happy. This old-age model is abroad.Very popular, “shared farms” and “bringing for the elderly” will also become a trend.

The characteristics of farm pastoral health 1 rural rural nature refers to the characteristics of farm health as a carrier.

The countryside here includes all parts of the countryside, including the idyllic, village and nature.

However, since it is a farm health, it should be based on farms.

There are many human health spaces, there are cities and mountains and rivers, but only in the rural pastoral areas, villages and nature, which are dominated by farms and pastoral areas, are the farm health.

2 Three rural areas The 鈥渢hree rural鈥?here refers to the 鈥渢hree rural鈥?of 鈥渞ural, agricultural, and peasant鈥? but the 鈥渢hree rural鈥?of 鈥渇arming, farming, and farming鈥?

In the rural farms and pastoral areas, the characteristics of the 鈥渢hree rural鈥?farming environment for the pastoral health are the 鈥渢hree rural鈥?nature of pastoral health.

Farming and pastoral health must be based on 鈥渢hree rural issues鈥? It must be in the countryside, in the farmland, forcing farming, farming, and farming, instead of living in the country alone, and not moving the urban lifestyle to the countryside.

3 Productive productivity refers to the farmland health care not only based on agricultural production and rural economic activities, especially on agricultural production activities, but also mainly through agricultural production and rural economic activities, especially mainly through agricultural production.The activity achieves the characteristics of the purpose of health.

The farmland can maintain health, engage in agricultural production and rural economic activities to maintain health, and can achieve the purpose of returning to nature, enjoying life, self-cultivation, vacation, health, body treatment, disease and maintenance.

4 health farms in the pastoral health, pay attention to living space – in the countryside, pay attention to the content of life – farming, farming, farming, but these are in the form and approach, not the purpose, health or pension is the purpose, return to nature, enjoyLife, self-cultivation, vacation, healthy body, treatment of diseases, and the purpose of raising the sky.

5 The so-called living nature refers to the characteristics of the farm garden health as a way of life.

The farming, farming, farm work, especially farm work of the pastoral health army is a kind of life, a way of life, because it refers to daily life in the countryside, food, wear, live, and so on.

Although farming, the social affairs it refers to, including political activities, village construction, rural civilization and religious beliefs, although not often, are closely related to accidents, or can be said to be often expanded in depth and breadth.Farming is also a life, a way of life.

Farm leisure and endowment agricultural products classification 1 The pastoral pasture style garden takes the theme of 鈥渁gricultural pastoralism鈥?as the background, with the background of pastoral scenery, supported by factors such as diet, song and dance, folk culture, etc., using modern technology to breed livestock such as cattle and sheep.It will become a demonstration base for modern animal husbandry, supporting the animal husbandry experience zone, and creating a pasture style with popular science education, singing and dancing appreciation, folk culture experience, cultural inheritance and other functions, allowing visitors to experience herder life at zero distance.

2 Urban leisure farms are based on the theme of 鈥渦rban farmer鈥? based on farming culture, based on agricultural industry, using modern agricultural science and technology to develop facility agriculture, focusing on high-quality and high-yield agricultural products, and achieving multiple benefits such as agriculture, science and education, and tourism.

Take small-family independent farms, highly private farms, shared farms and other forms, set up recreational farms, family gardens, fruit and vegetable picking and other leisure experience projects to create urban leisure health care and retirement parks.3 Herbal Health Garden is based on herbal medicine, with the concept of TCM health, featuring local health culture, setting up health care catering, TCM physiotherapy and other health care projects to create a traditional Chinese medicine health brand.

4 Four seasons flower sea health takes the trinity of human, nature and culture as the core concept, realizes the harmonious unity of industry, culture and nature, and adds new colors to traditional agriculture.

On the basis of traditional farmhouses, the core highlights of the woodland B&B, ecological culture, and visitors can not only enjoy the country’s original ecological eating and drinking, but also experience the beautiful environment and colorful fairyland.

5 Organic Agricultural Health Park takes agricultural industrialization and product safety as the starting point, with the theme of 鈥渟afe food health鈥? aiming at brand cultivation, adjusting agricultural structure and transforming development methods, from farming, sowing, fertilizing, irrigation, weeding toHarvesting, processing, organic process operation in the whole process, energy-saving and energy-saving improvement of the whole industry chain, and building a safe agricultural product health brand.

6 Linguo Leisure Health Park takes “leisure forest fruit” as the theme, based on high-quality forest fruit industry, chooses convenient fruit for planting, pays attention to variety matching, and timely enjoys fruit-harvesting activities.

At the same time, it breaks through conventional planting, which combines the construction of orchard with the layout of natural gardens, highlighting the combination of landscape and production.

7 Wetland Health Park takes “health culture, wetland leisure” as the theme, aiming at the needs of the leisure and leisure market of high-income consumers in the city, through the health environment, health activities (moving and combining leisure, vacation, entertainment), health food (healthy food, green)In the form of food, medicated diet, health education, etc., project setting, facility matching and landscape shaping will be built to create a wetland tourist resort.

8鑰佸勾浜哄吇鐢熺ぞ鍖哄€熷姪鑹ソ鐨勭敯鍥鍏夛紝閽堝骞块様鐨勮€佸勾鐤楀吇甯傚満锛屾墦閫犫€滅豢鑹蹭骇涓氣€欙紝褰㈡垚涓€涓€佸勾鐤楀吇绀惧尯锛屽寘鎷鐤楃瓑澶氱鏂瑰紡锛岃鑰佸勾浜鸿€佹湁鎵€鍏汇€佽€佹湁鎵€涔愶紝Attracting older people to this place for sightseeing, experience, and communication.

On this basis, we should also provide a variety of natural medical, preventive and fitness services.

Form a health experience center, a rehabilitation and rehabilitation center, and configure a special blockchain such as the phytotherapy special park and the senior club, and create a one-stop base for the 鈥渟ilver-haired鈥?group to 鈥渟hare the farm + support the group鈥?

Now people’s living standards have improved, and spiritual pursuits have grown at an unprecedented rate, which has brought new opportunities for leisure agriculture.

The development of “leisure agriculture + health care and old age” and the development of leisure places with “health care” as appealing have great market potential.

When we are doing “shared farms + health care and pension”, we must combine the physical and spiritual needs of people. In addition to satisfying the people’s demand for agricultural products and other materials, we must also provide people’s favorite leisure health care services.Experience.

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