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Liang Jingru Whitening Crash Course

Regarding Liang Jingru, who had grown up in Malaysia and had relatively dark skin, he said, “It is my dream to have white and clear skin.

“Since the first album, I have been especially fond of those natural whitening products. I have also tried many different whitening methods. Eventually, the skin has begun to transform from the ugly duckling to Snow White.


hzh {display: none; }  其实美白、保湿是任何mm都会留意到的问题,而梁静茹也是在做为一个歌手后觉得特别的主要。Since my skin is naturally dark, I will choose to apply whitening and repairing cream before makeup every day. This can directly prevent the skin from contacting with dirty air and ultraviolet rays and make the skin look bright and transparent.

Of course, the basic maintenance and uninstallation before applying makeup is also a method that can not be lazy every day. It is only to keep the skin clean and whitening products to develop the maximum effect.

  In the busy period of recording and recording, Liang Jingru will choose a whitening mask to calm down and restore the whiteness of the skin.

Sometimes when I am in a good mood, I will also make a SPA for the skin. Not only can I relax the pressure on the skin, but I can also use aromatherapy and essential oils to make the skin color uniform throughout the body to prevent the dilemma of white face and black neck.

  Exclusive whitening facial mask before bedtime Gherkin’s face is Liang Jingru’s unique whitening trick.

She said she only insisted on using it every day, and the whitening effect was obvious after 1 week.

  Cut the cucumber into mud with a juicer; take a sheet of masking paper and soak it in the cucumber water, and wait for the paper to absorb the moisture from the feet to remove the face; wash the mask off after 10-20 minutes, and pat the whitening essence.

The mud from the two cucumbers can be used for 3 days in a row. The remaining cucumber mud on the first day should be stored in a fresh-keeping bag and stored in the refrigerator.

But in case your skin is damaged, you should pay attention to the suspension of use!

  From “Growing up overnight”, “Courage” to “Valentine’s Day” today, Jing Ru, who sings “Liang Love Song” from time to time, always touches people’s hearts with such subtleness and depth.

The little girl in the past has gradually grown into a beautiful Snow White. Toward what she said, I will insist from time to time, and work hard in the direction I want.