9 best ways to treat constipation

9 best ways to treat constipation

Constipation itself is usually not a serious problem, but if you have severe symptoms that last more than three weeks, have difficulty moving, or have blood in your stool, you should see your doctor.

Constipation may imply some underlying serious disease, although it occurs less frequently.

In addition, constipation with abdominal swelling may indicate intestinal occlusion.


hzh{display:none;}  1、按摩治疗便秘  患者取仰卧位,两手掌相叠,以脐为中心,在中腹、下腹部作顺时针方向摩动,以腹内有热感为宜,约2minute.

Then use your index finger or middle finger to rub Zhongya, Tianshu, Qihai, each point for 1 minute.

Press the thumb and rub the acupoints, preferably with a soreness, about 1 minute, and then rub the rectus abdominis from the top to the bottom with the hind palm root for about half a minute. Finally, take the supine position, and the operator applies the palm root from the top.Rub the lower part of the waist and crotch (lower part of the waist) for about 1 minute.

  2. Scraping treatment for constipation heavy shaving of large vertebrae, palate, plaster, Shentang, Dachangyu, Tianshu, Shangjuxu, branch ditch meridian points, thermal junction plus shaving pool, Hegu meridian points, Qi stagnation plus shavingIn the meridian points between lines, those with deficiency of qi and blood plus the spleen and shu points at the meridian point should be scraped lightly, and the lower Yuan and weak Qi should be gently scraped at the point of the meridian point at Guanyuan.

Scraping 3 points per meridian?
5 minutes.

  3, dressing for constipation ① 3 field snails, a small amount of salt.

First smash the field snails, add some salt to apply Qi Hai points, once a day.

  ② 6 grams of toothpaste, 6 grams of honey, and 3 grams of musk are blended into thick strips of fingers, except in the anus, which can be laxative within 5 minutes.

  ③ 9 grams of skin nitrate. After adding water to dissolve, add saponin, mix thoroughly and apply to the umbilicus once a day.

  4, health exercises, supine position, head slightly higher than the chest level, eyes slightly closed, tongue against the palate, two feet close together, one hand on the chest, one hand on the abdomen, and then deep abdominal breathing, inhale with the nose,Should be deep and long, with the hands of pressing the abdomen as the degree.

Then, exhale slowly and forcefully, with the hands of the abdomen falling slowly as a degree, without using both hands.

Daily practice 1?
500 times twice?
100 interest.

Saliva was swallowed in three portions.

  Removing vegetable oil, olive oil, or soy oil from your diet may be beneficial in relieving chronic constipation, Dr. Deere said.

Dr. Deere said: It’s not that the oil itself is bad, or when consumers ingest these plant-derived pure oils, they can easily cause constipation and many other digestive problems.

Deere’s theory is based on the research of the health reformer John Carrey (JohnHareyKelloggM, D, brother of Kellogg’s cereal breakfast company) at the beginning of this century.

The problem with these oils is that they form a thin film in the stomach, making glucose and protein difficult to digest in the stomach and small intestine.

This delays full digestion by about 20 hours and causes food spoilage, gas, toxins, etc. to accumulate in the colon and large intestine.

  Can moisture be replenished?

  Experts agree that it is imperative for constipated people to check their diet.

The most important dietary items to deal with constipation are fiber and moisture.

Ingestion of both is necessary to soften and promote its passage through the colon.

How much water and fiber is enough?

Adults need at least 6 glasses of water per day, 8 glasses is better.

Although all liquids are effective, the best choice is water.

Even the amount of fiber, please see the next paragraph.

  In the toilet self-training life, many people are used to going to the toilet when they are used to it, rather than following the reactions in the body.

However, patience can gradually lead to constipation.

But it’s not too late to improve your bowel habits.

Dr. Sister said: After meals is the most natural time to go to the toilet.

Therefore, you may wish to sit in the toilet for 10 minutes after each meal.
Over time, the colon can develop a natural habit.

  Relax When you are frightened or nervous, your mouth will dry out and your heart beats faster.

Your bowel will also stop moving.
Dr Lauder said it was a mechanism of confrontation or escape.

If you feel the stress of constipation, try relaxing yourself or listening to light music.

  When you laugh and laugh comfortably, shaking your belly will help prevent one or two cases of constipation.

This has a massage effect on the intestines, helps digestion, and relieves stress and tension, Canron said.