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Dating Raid For A Week With Bright Muscle Maintenance

“Girlfriends” help you arrange a blind date?

Inviting you to meet her “Prince of the White Horse” with her after a week?

Are you sure you are ready for a blind date?

There’s none


Do n’t worry, it ‘s too late to start now. Today I ‘ll bring you a week-long maintenance plan, so that you can easily maintain it step by step within a week, and you will achieve translucent beauty and a beautiful date for a blind date.

  DAY1: Remove fragile dirt, sebum and old waste cells!

  Method: The surface of the skin is rough to the touch, not slippery, usually because of the accumulation of dirt, sebum and old dead skin cells in the pores.

Therefore, in addition to the daily plot, regular deep skin maintenance can help the skin to be smooth and soft.

This is also the first step into the ranks of beauty.

  Recommended products: Laneige Strawberry Softening Scrub Gel Reference Price: ¥ 159 / 150ml Product demand: Strawberry extract moisturizes the skin, fiber particles remove skin aging horny, and make the skin soft and soft.

Fibrous particles naturally eliminate aging cuticles through scrubs, helping skin regain health and vitality.

The strawberry extract contains moisture and nutrients to the skin during the scrub process to moisturize the skin.

-Vitamin C contained in the small red particles is absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

  DAY2: Actively condition, calm and soothe, and keep skin healthy!

  Method: After the stratum corneum is metabolized, then the skin needs to be soothed and conditioned in order to activate the skin cell regeneration mechanism and cause skin aging and the risk of damage and restore the skin to its original muscle age.

Achieve soft skin condition.

  Recommended products: Infusha Autonomous Soothing Circulating Liquid M Reference Price: ¥ 420 / 125ml Product Request: No. 1: Transparent lotion state, which can tighten skin, inhibit sebum secretion, and moisturize skin, leaving skin supple and smooth.

No. 2: In the emulsion state, it gives skin deep moisturization, promotes skin oil secretion, and makes skin moisturized and smooth.

No. M: translucent lotion. Cover the skin with a thin film to keep the skin moist and make the skin smooth and comfortable.

  DAY3: Moisturizing products that make the skin supple are absolutely necessary in summer!

  Method: What is needed for dry summer skin is sufficient water retention capacity. If it is just hydrating, the water will be evaporated immediately.

Therefore, if you want to have more complete moisturizing, you also need to strengthen the water-holding power of the skin cells, so that you can delicately repair the damaged cells and improve the skin’s water storage capacity.

  Recommended product: Biotherm Ultra Moisturizing Serum Reference Price: 460 / 30ml Product Claim: Contains unique Himalayan pink salt, which is an extremely precious and pure ingredient. It can activate the skin’s natural moisturizing factor and activate the cell’s moisturizing ability.And metabolism.

Obviously “PETP Mineral Soothing Factor” extracted from 5000L of mineral spring can calm and soothe skin and activate cells.

  DAY4: Relaxed, puffy facial skin can be improved with a simple massage!

  Method: Do you feel that the face is a bit puffy? It does not prevent intensive facial massage combined with massage cream or night cream. With simple finger massage, it can eliminate toxins in the body, eliminate puffiness, and promote metabolism.The face became small and firm.

  Recommended product: Clarins Lotus Facial Oil Reference price: ¥ 380 / 40ml Product appeal: Facial oil contains 100% natural plant extract.

Balances oil production.

Astringent pores.

Avoid water loss.

Nourishes and leaves skin soft and delicate.

For evening use, it can be perfectly matched with Aromatic Plant Day Cream to balance the oil secretion of oily skin.

 Exudes youthful radiance.

Use at night to enhance the effect of Aromatic Plant Day Cream.

  DAY5: If you want to have whitening skin, you can start by diminishing the spots and dullness!

  Method: Whitening products are more and more focused on the effect, and the high-efficiency concentrated ingredients are combined in the whitening products to make the skin more transparent and fairer every day during the application process.

In addition, daily routines need to be adjusted together to make whitening more enjoyable.
  Recommended products: Watermark Whitening Beauty Liquid Reference Price: ¥ 158 / 45ml Product appeal: For the first time, tranexamic acid has been added to whitening products of similar price bands (Shiseido’s whitening star product HAKU is an important ingredient that is white and flawless), Relieve chronic hypertension and prevent the spread of pigmentation.
In order to better achieve the whitening effect, Watermark also added skin hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid, high moisturizing and water-retaining ingredient, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate) to adjust the skin’s moisturizing environment, help skin regeneration, and create delicate textureThe translucent and beautiful skin, and the “aqua synergistic effect of hydrophilic penetrating ingredients” actually work on the stratum corneum, ensuring that the effective ingredients are practical.

  DAY6: Delay the aging and smooth the skin lines to restore your youthful radiance!

  Method: It is found that the generation of fine lines is the beginning of aging. Relatively anti-aging of the skin must be repaired internally and externally. Strengthening moisturizing and sun protection can prevent external environment from harming the skin.

While the skin texture is not obvious, quickly apply moisturizing cream to the skin, which can activate the fibroblasts of the dermis and change the internal aging phenomenon.

  Recommended products: Clinique Revitalizing Night Cream Reference Price: ¥ 680 / 50ml Product demand: Designed specifically for dry skin, repair fine lines and wrinkles at night.

Makes skin cells produce more collagen.

A large number of antioxidant supplements to fully meet the skin’s energy requirements for the next day.

Use in the evening after three steps. Apply on face and above, avoiding eyes.

Use with Revitalizing Revitalizing Serum and Revitalizing Revitalizing Day Cream for better results.