[How to eat dried lotus flower]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat dried lotus flower]_How to eat_How to eat

Summer is the season when the lotus is open. There are many lotuses in the sugar. At this time, everyone can enjoy the delicious lotus flower. The lotus flower can be directly eaten fresh, and it can also be eaten by drying.There are many ways to make lotus roots. They can be used for porridge or soup, and can also be used to make tea. The taste of different lotus roots is different. So how to eat dried lotus roots?

First, how to eat dried lotus?

After drying it, take out the lotus seeds inside, cut the lotus seeds from the middle, and take out the small green buds. This kind of green buds is the lotus core.

The removed lotus seeds can be used for porridge or soup, and the obtained lotus core can be used for making tea. The tea produced by it can clear heat and detoxify, and also calm and soothe the nerves.

Second, boil or soak the water.

After taking out the lotus seeds in the lotus bonnet, you can directly boil the lotus robe of the lotus bonnet (lotus house: the part that contains the lotus seeds in the lotus bonnet) and cook it with water after cooking. It can lower blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

In addition, adding the outer coat of this lotus bonsai to the boiled sugar can make it cure the female’s postpartum placenta, and it can also promote blood circulation and blood stasis.

In addition, don’t throw away the outer cover of the bonsai, it can be used as soaked water after drying.

Third, make porridge.

After peeling the fresh lotus seeds and extracting the lotus heart, cook them with rice, millet, red dates, wolfberry and other materials for half an hour. After eating, there are symptoms such as insomnia and poor stomach.

We can also put boiled water in the shower that can’t be eaten normally, and the effect is even more. The boiled water shower can better prevent diabetes and lower blood pressure. It is a good antihypertensive product.Adding rock sugar to boil, and after being boiled, energy can be added to treat women’s postpartum placenta.

How to eat dried lotus?

Into the soup.

The lotus seeds are cold, and the taste is sweet and delicious.

In many cases, we can stew it with hot duck meat, pork bones, etc., which will both neutralize the disadvantages of both.

And often eaten, can nourish the heart and spleen, nourish kidney, nourish yin and blood.